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 【Adjustable Heat & 3 Seconds Heat Up】Turn on this ceramic space heater fan, it will heat up instantly & welcome you home by a warm hug. It has 3 heat settings: fan only, low and high heat. The 2000 watt engine can heat the atmosphere quickly and warm your body in 3 seconds. Using our space heater,enjoy natural wind in Autumn, hot wind in cold Winter. Besides, by rotating the power switch to different positions, this electric space heater can be used as a normal fan to promote air circulation.
❤【Quick Heating,Energy Saving,Longer Service Life】Adopted with PTC technology, the portable heater with a built-in fan can heat up in 3 seconds; Besides, with a 90° tilt rotation, our electric heaters can provide heating evenly in a wider range! Warm and gentle air generated by this room heater will also help cross-conversion of your room, making you feel cozy! Compared with big heater, this indoor portable heaters is better if you stay alone at home since it can save more electricity bills
❤【Safety is Paramount】Heater and fan combo protect the safety of you and your family; The PTC material adapted ensures our electric space heaters remain safe when the temperature is too high; Besides, when turning the knob to its maximum setting, this electric fan heater will trigger an overheating system; With this overheating system, it will stop increasing heat when the surrounding temperature reaches 86° F; These safety design will give you a safe and comfortable experience
❤【Portable and Easy to Take】With a built-in carrying handle, it is convenient for you to move heater portable electric to any place you want; Besides, in a compact size, it is an ideal choice for you to warm your hands and feet in your office, which keeps you away from being cold; Combined with the small design and this portable feature, you may use the space heaters for garage, kitchen, living room, and so on; Pick our room heaters for you and your family.


Three Modes&Adjustable Thermostat
Adjustable thermostat system can according to the thermostat setting let your room remain at a comfortable temperature.
The left Spin button can shift between these 3 Modes,cold wind,warm wind,hot wind.
The right Spin button can help you fine-tune the temperature which allow it to provide the most suitable temperature per you will.


Overheat Protection
Sometimes you might forget to turn off the garage heater and keep heating all night. Don't worry about this situation.The heater will auto shut off when overheating or reach the setting temperature because of the innovative PTC technology. PTC stones do not generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires, they will cool down quickly and the internal temperature will not consistently stay high. This garage space heater is much more safe than others.


Easily Move Around
Designed with an easy-carry hidden handle on the back, you can pick up the space heater and move to anywhere you need.
This heater can be used on the flat surface,such as carpet.


Product Specifications
Electric Garage Space Heater Size
Diameter:10.62 inches
Height: 11.02 inches
Thickness: 6.3 inches
Power: 2000 watts


Don't touch the heater's metal net when the product is heating up.
Keep baby and children away from this product‘s metal net.(kids are curious about everything, they might touch the heater's metal net when the product is heating up.It might get hurt. )
Space heater will stop working when the surrounding temperature reaches 86° F. Don’t be shock if the heater just stop working.This is how the Overheat Protect System working, It can protect you and your family from the harm of fire disaster or scald.
Do not put it on the wet ground to prevent the metal from rusting for a long time.

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