Natural Cat Scratching Lounger Furniture Post

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Natural Cat Scratching Lounger Furniture Post

In need of a cat scratcher for your most beloved member of the family? Our cat scratching post is the perfect addition to your home, keeping your cat entertained throughout the day.

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With poles wrapped in paper rope, the scratching post will keep your cat from scratching your expensive furniture, preventing further damage to your tables and chairs. Its fleece padding and bed rest will keep your cat comfy after a tiring day of playing with the cat post.

Equipped with two levels of resting spaces, the cat scratcher furniture has enough room for more than one cat to play on. This cat scratch tower can take the endless pouncing around of cats without weakening and breaking down.

cat scratcher lounger

Better yet, the catch scratcher can be placed anywhere inside your home without taking up too much space. Create a fun little cat corner in your home by placing a cat scratching post for your cat to spend all day on.


COMFORTABLE – Wrapped in a fleece material, the cat post is soft to the touch, giving your cat something comfortable to rest on. Rolling around on the cat scratcher furniture will be the perfect end to your cat’s long day.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – This cat scratch tower has everything that you need to have it set up in minutes. All that you have to do is to assemble the parts on the base and you’re good to go.

STABLE – Equipped with a wide base, the cat scratcher lounger won’t topple over even if your cat plays rough. It will stay intact for years to come, giving your cat company on a daily. 


Material: Fleece and paper rope
Size: 18.9-inch L/ 13-inch W/ 27.8-in. Perfect size for cats up to 10 lbs


1x Cat scratcher

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