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Deal with messy hair and look good all the time in only a few minutes with this hair and beard straightener comb!
Beard and Hair Straightener Reviews
Men can now use this electric beard straightener to style and tame their beards. Get rid of untidy hair and transforms your savage look into velvety, smooth, and glamorous one with just a minimum effort.
Multifunctional Beard Straightening Comb
This beard straightening comb is designed to straighten and smoothen facial hair easily and control the thickest beard into a soft and smooth look. The beard comb combines heating barrels and comb teeth for hair smoothing, straightening, curling and creating beautiful volumes.
Is Beard Straightener Effective
The ceramic coated negative ion barrel and comb teeth are evenly heated. You can avoid any "hot spots" that burn your hair, professional and safe. It will protect your hair and seal moisture as it gives a natural, lustrous, soft and relaxing effect. It can eliminate frizz, split ends, knotting and adds shine to the hair. It can make a more natural, smoother and healthier look.
Hair and Beard Straightener Reviews
  • Multifunction Beard Brush – Men can now use this electric beard comb to style their beards. Whether you want to curl, straighten, volumize, or just simply brush your beard, it can all be done with this hair comb.
  • Does Not Damage Hair – Unlike other flat irons and hot brushes sold on the internet, this beard straightener brush utilizes ionic heating technology to help preserve moisture in the hair making it look healthy and shiny as always.
  • Portable and Travel Size – No need to compromise your beard style wherever you go when you pack this portable beard straightener. This beard comb can fit any luggage and traveling bag so you can take the brush with you during important trips and travels.
  • Safe and Reliable – There’s no problem when using this beard straightener even on a daily basis because of how durable it is even with the least maintenance. It’s super safe to use with the design that it comes with, especially with ceramic coated bristles.
How To Use Beard Straightener


  1. Make sure beard & hair is completely dry before beginning use
  2. Turn the electric beard straightener brush on, choose the optimal temperature and wait 1-2 minutes
  3. Brush through the beard, going from roots to ends until the desired style is reached
  4. Turn off the comb and wait for it to cool before storing away

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